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It is a little bittersweet to let everyone know that a decision to remove the Vineyard at Remarkable View Wines has been made. Todd removed the last vine on the 27th Feb. 2018. Times have changed and it has become more difficult to achieve what we have wanted to out of the vineyard. What wonderful times we have had (and some hard work). So many wonderful memories and we thank so many people who came along this journey with us. So many thanks to all my family. 💚
I would like to let all my fantastic Port customers know that we have supplies of port available until the end of the year. Also available still is 2011 Shiraz and small amount 2010 Sangiovese. Just contact me if you need anything.
Karen Orrock.


"There comes a point in your life
When you realise that 
Turning the page
Is the best feeling in the world,
Because there is so much more to the book
Than the page you were stuck on"



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